Rören / Johannessen is a collaborative project between the artists Signe Johannessen and Erik Rören, who in this project has created a water monument as a tribute to the leak. The leaking monument consists of old discarded copper pipes from plumbing and historic glass drops that previously served as decoration in large crystal chandeliers and candelabra. The glass reminds us that even that, in its most solid form, is actually liquid. The monument is in dialogue with the other water monuments that were also created in this collaborative project and will change over time through the artists’ ongoing testing and experimentation of how a leak can be benefited and exalted. The monument holds an event, or a ritual where the object is filled and then slowly emptied through leaky connections and small cavities where the capillary force wins over the hard, the constructed and the planned. The leak highlights that we as human bodies belong to the constant amount of water that tirelessly circulates in our atmosphere, something we have forgotten and which in turn has now given rise to us living in a time when the wise balance of moisture is disturbed by our actions. When we cry or sweat, the fluid that leaks out of our pores and glands has the same salinity as the world’s oceans. We are leaking bodies.